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Who are we ?

“Hoop Galerie is a symphony of positive waves that intertwine around the same passion: art. A delicate alchemy that enlightens, soothes and educates by uniting the artist and the public in the same vision. » Yasmine Yazback


Hoop Galerie stands out for its commitment to facilitating a vibrant dialogue between artists and the public.

We encourage the expression of artistic diversity by highlighting both emerging artists and established talents from Africa and its diaspora.

Our privileged location on rue Jules Ferry and within a shopping mall gives us exceptional visibility.

Whether you are new to art or an experienced collector, our gallery warmly welcomes all art lovers in search of new emotions.

Our mission is to offer a space where art comes to life, awakening curiosity and inspiring memorable encounters. We firmly believe that art is a gateway to unexplored universes, an infinite source of wonder, and we are delighted to share this artistic experience with our passionate community.

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