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Amadou Camara Gueye is a major figure in the Senegalese artistic scene. It is collected internationally by individuals, States (France, China), institutions and foundations, Dapper, Tilder, the World Bank based in Washington, etc.

Camara Gueye was born on August 15, 1968 in Bignona, where his father worked as a veterinary doctor. During his childhood, he loved to draw on the walls of his house with charcoal. This passion followed him into adulthood, where he developed a preference for working on large supports with charcoal and pencil.

Camara Guèye's figurative work is built around drawing, where the line occupies a primordial place. Powerful and black, it creates graphics that cross the surface of the painting, revealing vibrant details that bear witness to life, human, animal and urban life... The artist masters a wide variety of artistic techniques, ranging from charcoal to from oil to pastel, acrylic and Indian ink, to create works of great visual richness.

Camara Gueye is inspired by everyday reality to create art that transcends the limits of the ordinary. Through the men, animals, objects and houses that he incorporates into his compositions, he weaves fluid narratives that intertwine harmoniously. The artist vividly depicts the joyful cohabitation of living beings in an urban context, where justice and love mingle harmoniously. His paintings and drawings reflect a poetic and spiritual reality that reigns between men and animals.

Graduating from Fine Arts in Dakar in 1997, his selection in 2000 at the Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Dakar launched his international career. In 2005 he perfected his skills in ceramics at the European Ceramic Center in Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. He participates in numerous editions of the Dakar Biennale, during the Mondial des Arts Nègres festival, as well as in artistic events in Mali, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Morocco, Paris, notably at the Dapper Museum, in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, London, Lebanon, Canada, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, Shenzhen, etc…

Camara Gueye
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