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Eric Tomnyuy, aka Salvador, is a visual artist born on August 23, 1989 in Jakari, in the English-speaking region of Cameroon. Since 2017, he has resided in Tangier, Morocco. While waiting to obtain a new residence visa in his adopted country, Salvador finds refuge in Dakar. From a boxer and hairdresser, he embraced his true passion for painting during an artists' residency in Casablanca, discovering a liberating way to express his emotions.

His artistic journey has led him to exhibit among others in Belgium at the Musée Louvain Brussels in 2019, in Austria at CratewithPetra Art Gallery in 2019, in Morocco in a solo show at the Yelen Arts Gallery in 2021, at the Médina Art Gallery in 2022, in Spain at Arco Madrid in 2022, in Kenya at the Tewas art Gallery in 2022…And in Mali at Ségou'Art in January 2024.

His works have been sold in prestigious auction houses such as Million Auction House in 2022, Duran Art & Auctions in 2022, Mazad art in 2023.

The world of migrants is his favorite theme.

Salvador's creations captivate with their authenticity and power. Through vibrant colors, expressive shapes, marked and hollow lines and remarkable technical mastery, he transports spectators into a fantastic world with boxers, hybrid creatures who populate his imagination.

He explores a wide variety of artistic techniques with the use of acrylic paint, aerosol bombs, sandy earth, charcoal... Facing the canvas, the artist engages in a face-to-face confrontation reminiscent of a boxing match. . Fists symbolizing both protection and resistance.

By exploring the often ignored realities and silent suffering of migrants and refugees, Salvador invites audiences to confront complex issues and question the physical and psychological barriers that divide our world.

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